Need Texas Health Insurance Quotes?

Purchasing health insurance in Texas is an important matter and as such, it deserves significant thought and consideration. Several factors may affect your decision regarding the type and amount of health insurance that you choose to purchase. Regulations regarding health insurance vary from one state to the next. Be sure to consider the following facts, when considering the purchase of Texas health insurance.

Consumers in the State of Texas have many options for healthcare coverage. People who work at large companies can often take advantage of company sponsored plans. Insurance companies offer private policies to people who must purchase their own plans.

In 1989, the Texas legislature created the Texas Health Insurance Risk Pool to cover those individuals who are unable to obtain coverage elsewhere. For example, if a person has AIDS, every insurance company in business would deny coverage because this person would be a high risk for claims. The risk pool will grant insurance to such a patient; however, the cost of premiums is high making it difficult for low-income people to afford. Premiums from covered individuals usually are sufficient to pay for this program. In the event that claims exceed premiums, Texas requires private health insurance companies doing business in the state to pay for the deficit.

The Children’s Health Insurance Plan, CHIP, is being promoted to the public in Texas. CHIP is a federally sponsored plan that provides health insurance to children of people with low to moderate levels of income. Some states take no action to inform the public. Fortunately for the children,the State of Texas has taken an active role in making parents aware of this much-needed benefit.

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