Unicare Health Insurance Quotes

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Since 1995, when WellPoint created Unicare health insurance, Unicare has become one of the top rated health insurance providers in the United States. Unlike other top providers covering the same markets Unicare has been able to succeed while simultaneously keeping health insurance quotes to a minimum. Unicare health insurance believes that all consumers should be able to afford health insurance and not be stuck with useless policies and that the individual needs of the client should be taken into consideration. Instead of applying an all inclusive approach to their policies Unicare offers many products on a cafeteria plan. This means that if a client only wants various aspects of coverage they can purchase them a la carte. This helps keep premiums cost low and gives policy holders much more freedom than with traditional policies.

Unicare health insurance has been consistently rated at the top by A.M. best, the health insurance ratings service. The company credits this high rating to giving their clients options when it comes to their health insurance. Satisfied clients have turned this relatively young company into a company that has seen dynamic growth over the last decade to the point that WellPoint the parent company has over 30 million policy holders in the United States. Clients feel that Unicare is working for them instead of against them which is why more and more policy holders are recommending Unicare heath insurance to their friends and family.


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