Mega Health Insurance Quotes

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MEGA Life and Health insurance policies lead the industry for small business professionals. MEGA is a subsidiary of HealthMarkets, Inc, and does the majority of its marketing through independent agents. MEGA health insurance policies are designed to be flexible, catering to the needs of the widest possible client base.

The company markets primarily to the self-employed, or the owners of small businesses with fewer than 15 employees. These businesses form the majority of the economy of the United States, yet they find it very difficult to obtain affordable health insurance, due to the increased risks that insurance companies perceive from small employers.

Many people are surprised to find that MEGA health insurance isn't the only product sold by the company. The company also does a great deal of business in supplemental insurance, including accidental death and dismemberment, medical reimbursement, and disability products, as well These policies are designed to complement the other offerings by MEGA, and are meant to be put together to form a complete insurance package.

Many clients have discovered that MEGA health insurance premiums are among the most affordable for small business owners. Because of the large number of insured persons under the MEGA health insurance plans, the company is able to underwrite the policies, and charge less for them.

MEGA health insurance is designed to be more affordable than traditional policies offered by the other major insurance companies. MEGA health insurance coverage tends to be less comprehensive, but the price is meant to offset and perceived shortcomings in the coverages themselves.


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