Humana Health Insurance Quotes

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Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Humana health insurance remains some of the most affortable and well-respected plans in the HMO/PPO field. With over six million members Humana health insurance quotes are able to be kept at a reasonable rate for all plan holders in the states in which they do business. The company began not as insurance, but as a nursing and convalescent home opened by two attorneys in 1961. The company grew quickly, opening a number of new homes in states as far away as Connecticut.

This rapid growth allowed the company, then called ExtendiCare, to facilitate the purchase of their first hospital. During the 1970s, the company became the 3rd largest hospital chain the in the country. This period of time, thanks to increased spending on programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, allowed hospitals to greatly increase their profitability over previous decades. The Humana health insurance idea came into being during the 1970s, after selling of its nursing facilities to focus mainly on the healthcare aspect of the industry. Humana saw the way forward being the primary healthcare industry, which had almost overnight become the 2nd largest industry in the United States. Humana increased its market share by purcashing the 2nd largest hospital management chain in the US, thereby more than doubling in size overnight. This, along with Humana's advanced cost-cutting strategies, allowed Humana to weather the storm that the late 1970s would bring, with increased government regulation of health insurance, and the tightening of Medicare and Medicaid claims practices.

In 1984, Humana health insurance was born. The company offered its health insurance policies at low rates, offering discount deductible incentives for those customers who were using "network" physicians and treatment. The only "network" hospitals were Humana hospitals, and this allowed Humana to control its own insurance costs. However, with many clients seeking treatment at other facilities, Humana decided to begin offloading its hospital services in the early 1990's. It was during this time that Humana saw its greatest period of growth, purchasing several other insurance companies, including the Group Health Association, and Emphesys. This period of growth saw Humana reach its current enrollment of nearly 12 million insureds.


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