Fortis Health Insurance Quotes

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In 1990 a new health insurance provider was born in Brussels Belgium. Now, nearly twenty years later this company is still making waves among insurance companies. While primarily known for their insurance products in the United States, Fortis offers a wide range of products including banking and asset management. The company was formed from the merger of two European giants AMEV/VSB and AG Group and for several years retained these names, however in 2000 they changed their name to Fortis. This united front has aided Fortis Health Insuance in becoming one of the most well know insurers in the world.

Of the six divisions that make up the Fortis company three are focused on insurance products. The Insurance Belgium and Insurance Netherlands are the largest of the three division. These divisions are provide insurance products to individuals all across the globe while the Insurance International division oversees operations in the United States. This is the smallest of the Fortis Health Insurance divisions yet in 2006 had a profit of over 4 billion Euro.

Fortis offers a wide range of insurance products including homeowners, auto, travel, and health insurance. The primary focus of the insurance division is in the business sector where Fortis is able to help large companies secure affordable coverage for their employees. Depending on the location of the market products available may vary. Agents working for Fortis in the insurance division often work alongside those in the investment and banking sectors to provide clients a full range of products in one convenient location


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