Cigna Health Insurance Quotes

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Since its founding in 1982, Cigna health insurance has become one of the world's most sought-after forms of coverage. Focusing primarily on group coverage, Cigna health insurance premiums provide more cost to value than many other insurance providers. Cigna health insurance has quickly become the basis of leading benefits plans, including accident, group life, and disability coverage for millions of employees around the world.

When Cigna was formed from the merger of the Insurance Company of North America and the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, it began by selling insurance for both property and personal coverage. They provided coverage for homes and cars, as well as the people that occupy them. Cigna health insurance quotes became synonymous with value and quality. It became commonplace in the 1980s for companies with hundreds of thousands of employees to seek out a Cigna representative to have benefits plans designed for their workers.

Toward the end of the 1990's, as Cigna health insurance was developing an even greater following overseas, Cigna elected to sell its Property and Casualty business to a Bermuda company, which allowed Cigna to place a great deal of working capital in the hands of their benefits architects. These designers of insurance plans took Cigna health insurance to even greater heights, sparking a near doubling of the stock price, and several major stock splits toward the end of the decade. For Cigna health insurance clients, the name Cigna means quality, value, and affordability and even though this company is young they are leading the way in the health insurnace industry.


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