AARP Health Insurance Rates

AARP health insurance rates, aarp health insurance quotes

Based on the idea first introduced by a retired high school principal, AARP health insurance has been helping Americans age 50 and older for more than 60 years. While certainly not the only insurer providing services for seniors, AARP is no doubt the largest non-profit organization in the United States with over 35 million members.

One of the main reasons those over 50 years of age choose to become members of AARP is that they don't just provide health insurance products; they provide that and so much more. In addition to primary health insurance AARP provides products such as long term care, life insurance, and Medicare supplemental policies that work alongside the traditional policy giving members access to the best heath care resources in the nation. These products coupled with AARP's commitment to lobbying for retiree rights on Capital Hill and monthly publications keep retirees informed of issues that could affect their rights as well as their health care needs.

Unlike traditional health insurance companies AARP health insurance doesn't actually hold any of their own policies but instead farms them out to companies such as Aetna and United Heath Care. AARP health insurance only services these policies as a third party administrator. For their cooperation AARP receives a portion of the profits from the sales and maintenance of member policies and in turn members of AARP receive discounted health insurance quotes. Strategic partnerships are part of what keeps AARP costs low and keeps customers happy.


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