AAA Health Insurance Quotes

health insurance

When most consumers think about AAA they think of the auto club that helps them plan trips or provides them with towing services if needed and while these services are a big part of their services they aren't the whole extent of what is offered. Since their creation in 1902 the American Automobile Association has been expanding services and gaining new members at higher than average rates. There are currently over 40 million AAA members located across the country. Each has joined for the auto services available but most take advantage of the other benefits of being a member.

In addition to the homeowners, auto, and travel insurance products AAA also provides members with private health insurance products. These insurance products include travel medical, college, and supplemental coverage designed to help those who aren't eligible for group coverage from their employer. With the rising cost of health insurance many companies can't afford to pay for insurance for their employees. This forces those employees as well as those who are self employed to purchase coverage from through private means such as AAA health insurance.

Those who choose AAA health insurance do so primarily for convenience. As members in the world's largest auto club they have access to discounted rates. Many choose to purchase multiple policies due to the low cost. AAA health insurance policies are written and serviced by local agents operating out of regional offices. Each office operates independently but is still a member of the AAA organization.


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