Need Virginia Auto Insurance Quotes?

Purchasing auto insurance in Virginia is an important matter and as such, it deserves significant thought and consideration. Several factors may affect your decision regarding the type and amount of auto insurance that you choose to purchase. Regulations regarding auto insurance vary from one state to the next. Be sure to consider the following facts, when considering the purchase of Virginia auto insurance.

Virginia laws and regulations place certain minimum requirements on liability insurance that drivers have access to. The liability insurance has to include bodily injury liability protection, uninsured motorist protection and property damage liability protection to qualify as a minimum policy. The state laws also require that Virginia car insurance provide at least $25,000 coverage for bodily injury for any one person, $50,000 coverage for bodily injury for all persons injured and $20,000 coverage for property damage.

Virginia is one of the few states that do not require at this time to carry the proof of insurance in the car at all times. You donít even have to present it during vehicle registration. This law requirement, however, can change at any time. The insurance companies that sell Virginia car insurance policies are required to report insurance termination cases to the Department of Motor Vehicles and Virginia Bureau of Insurance and authenticate randomly selected insurance policies when requested by the above organizations or when the policyholder is arrested or is involved in an accident.

If any resident of Virginia is denied insurance coverage by local insurance companies, he or she can apply for the Virginia Automobile Insurance Plan that guarantees the minimum level of coverage. Virginia also passed a law in March 2005 that exempts big business policyholders from preceding rates authorization and policy forms if these businesses have at least $2 million net worth, $2 million annual revenues, retain 10 or more full-time employees and spend $25,000 in yearly insurance payments.

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