Need Maryland Auto Insurance Quotes?

Purchasing auto insurance in Maryland is an important matter and as such, it deserves significant thought and consideration. Several factors may affect your decision regarding the type and amount of auto insurance that you choose to purchase. Regulations regarding auto insurance vary from one state to the next. Be sure to consider the following facts, when considering the purchase of Maryland auto insurance.

The state of Maryland has is own laws that regulate the issue and holding of insurance policies. There are specific requirements placed on all drivers. The laws require each driver to hold liability insurance with following components: bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, uninsured motorist protection and personal injury protection (obligatory for passengers).

Like most other states, Maryland also places minimum limits on liability insurance. These minimums are: $20,000 coverage for bodily injury for any one person, $40,000 coverage for bodily injury for all persons injured and $15,000 coverage for property damage. Evidence on Maryland car insurance is required to be presented during the registration process. Driving without insurance is prohibited and may result in a $150 fine (smaller penalty for first offenders).

The state also requires insurance companies that issue policies in Maryland to inform the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) about all insurance cancellation and non-renewal cases. Insurance companies are also required to validate randomly selected insurance policies if asked for by DMV or other state agencies. The last thing to mention is that according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the state of Maryland had an average insurance expenditure of $890.86 in 2003 (higher than the national average of $820.91).

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