Need Maine Auto Insurance Quotes?

Purchasing auto insurance in Maine is an important matter and as such, it deserves significant thought and consideration. Several factors may affect your decision regarding the type and amount of auto insurance that you choose to purchase. Regulations regarding auto insurance vary from one state to the next. Be sure to consider the following facts, when considering the purchase of Maine auto insurance.

Like most of the states, Maine has regulations and laws that required drivers to carry liability insurance if they want to drive a car. Maine has somewhat stricter insurance regulations as compared to other states. For example, Maine requires that policyholders have uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist protection in addition to standard bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage.

The minimum limits on liability insurance are also higher in Maine 50/100/25. This means that your insurance policy should have at least $50,000 coverage for bodily injury for any one person, $100,000 coverage for bodily injury for all persons injured and $25,000 coverage for property damage. The state law also requires drivers to have no less than $1,000 available for medical expenses.

In Maine the proof of insurance is not required during the registration process. However, the state laws require the proof of insurance to be present in the car at all times. Driving without insurance may result in a suspension of vehicle registration and license for a period of 30 days and a fine of $100 to $500. The cost of insurance is relatively inexpensive in Maine (according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, average expenditure was $630.79 in 2003 and Maine was ranked #42 in the nation).

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